21 September 2017 @ 09:42 pm
...when absolutely nothing seems to be going right xD
*deep sigh*
So, hello, everyone! xD It's been a while since I posted here! I haven't been very inspired lately, but I wrote a little thing the other day (was it yesterday? was it before? I have no idea, but I was probably running away from homework, lol... that was a bad choice btw xD)
I don't know how many of you check storm freaks so I'm reposting it now because why the heck not.

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21 September 2017 @ 10:36 am
Pairing: Juntoshi, Sakumoto (broken)

Rating: R

Summary: After a painful divorce and afraid of being hurt again, Jun wants a marriage based on friendship, not love. On that basis Jun agrees to an arranged marriage with Ohno. His ex-husband Sho soon realizes that he wants Jun back. Is Jun willing to give him another chance or will he stick to Ohno and the prospect of a calm but possibly loveless future?

Notes : This was written for [personal profile] yun_miyake over at [community profile] arashi_exchange. A million thanks to my lovely beta [personal profile] matsupie for her help when I was losing my mind and for supplying the title for this fic. Love you Sis *mwah*

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20 September 2017 @ 07:54 pm
Here is a list of the talk/performance cuts I encoded from Ultra Fes. If you know of any DW community for these groups where I could also share them, please let me know.

Please leave a comment if you download any of these files, and do feel free to use them for subbing purposes. Mirrors are also welcome.

talk: Mega
performance (Monster + Fight Song + GUTS!): Mega

Hey! Say! JUMP
talk: Mega
performance (Kimi Attraction): Mega

Kame to Yamapi
talk: Mega
performance (Senakagoshi no Chance): Mega

talk (with Sexy Zone): Mega
performance (Chankapana): Mega

Sexy Zone
talk (with NEWS): Mega
performance (Lady Diamond): Mega

Tackey & Tsubasa
talk: Mega
performance (Real DX + Venus + Yume Monogatari): Mega
20 September 2017 @ 07:06 pm
Hello everyone! One more week till Arashi's Tour Ballot Results will be released!! To keep me preoccupied, I'm here with another entry for the shiyagare food trip

Picked a recent episode which I found interesting as this featured Pasta! and I am interested with the ones in Shinjuku, Aoyama and Yokohama!

All these were featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired last August 19, 2017

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16 September 2017 @ 12:33 pm
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakumoto

Genre: fluff, smut (a teeny bit)

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi - this is all fiction

Warning: Contains mention of BDSM

Summary: It had started as soon as the electricity went off. Satoshi had instigated a game of hide and seek in the complete darkness. It was no child’s game though, this game had consequences.

Note: So I found this lurking in an old folder on a USB stick. I think I probably wrote it about a year ago and never got around to posting it and after reading it you might agree that it should have remained unposted but it's too late now. Bahahahahah.

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15 September 2017 @ 08:30 am

It's been a while since I made such a huge group pic in chibi form! And I haven't been drawing lately so I feel quite rusty!! 

But anyway it was a fun process !

Happy 5x18 to my Arashian friends!
Hope these guys continue to make us laugh, cry for joy and for sadness due to empty wallets!
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13 September 2017 @ 09:29 pm
Yo! I wanna get over these pending pile of food trip notes.. Moving on is an interesting episode for me.. The Sandwich boom! Because I love sandwiches :D And I was able to try wa's sandwich last July in my trip to Japan XD it was the best for me among the shiyagare featured food that I tried.

All these were featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired last September 17, 2016

Aiba don't talk when your mouth is full XD

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12 September 2017 @ 06:30 pm
Title: Pretense or Love?
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ohno Satoshi is the new CEO of the family business after his father’s death. It’s something he didn’t choose, yet was obliged to do as the older son. The only escape from the harsh reality is a host; Nino. It was his younger brother who took him there and somehow, this man managed to reach his heart. For the first time in his life, someone didn’t judge him; listened to him; held him when he needed it. He knows that Nino might simply do his job but when they spent the night together he was sure he saw emotions reflecting in the host’s eyes. Is it true love or just a good pretense?
Disclaimer: Kazu belongs to his Oh-chan and Oh-chan belongs to his Kazu



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Hello!! I feel like I have a lot of pending food trip posts already... Busy life with work >_<
Here is yet another collection of spicy food which aired towards the end of summer...featuring the cast of the drama ie uru onna :D

All these were featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that aired last September 9, 2016

Ohno was also hyper in this episode

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